How We Got Started

Mine was a humble start of doing for friends and family, and it seemed to be something i enjoy doing,here i am like this old grandmother who likes to do hand stitches and experiment with flowers making different types and trying out colour combinations. .When i was a kid i used to try stitching my own dresses and in those times it was your mom who would stitch these wonderful dresses and i could choose the colours and design ,it used to be fun i used to even tell my friends i ll design for you.Well one thing led to another and i started my Brand with lots of love and inspiration for comfort and style ,the main reason for me to start this brand was to give mothers an option to choose some classy stuff rather than the over crowded dress sense of indian market.I like to keep them simple and pretty and english in design philosophy .I do land up using indian fabric but the ultimate design is very modern and appeal is classy.